Thursday, October 24, 2019

Never had to work so hard in all my life to catch some fish.  Found plenty of life in the AM, Birds working with fish busting on top, Had it all to myself (So I thought)!.....Caught a couple Bass and had to keep moving as the fish were swimming fast (once again). Didn't take long to build a fleet and yes, we got the kibosh as all the life dispersed with the traffic.

Left the area and started to take a long run out to the ocean when some fish Magically appeared on the way....Had a nice shot of keepers and out of no-were, the area was swamped once again, gotta love the weekends as we are all trying to get it done but some things just have to go UN-said. After all these years, I still can't get used to the BS.

Ended the day with some nice fish but certainly Not enough for all aboard. I'm sure tomorrow will be the same fiasco but we will give it hell and do what we gotta do!

Capt. Dan had a good night last night with some lousy conditions. Not much of a drift with the wind against the tide but the Bass were hungry and they ended up with 35 nice keepers when things got right.....Nobody works harder than Us two Old timers, always trying to get it done and giving it 110% day in, day out!!

Capt. Ron

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