Wednesday, October 23, 2019

FISHERMEN/ We didn't hurt the Bio-Mass Today! Sundays Report.

Started the morning off close to home with plenty of Bird life and fish rolling on top, Frustrating to say the least when you see them and they don't want what you are offering! Had guys tossing top water plugs along with the Shads and Jigs to no avail!
Frustrating doesn't come close to what I was feeling along with the customers. Had one fish on and that was it in the AM.
Went into search mode looking for a bite that wasn't going to happen. Covered many miles including running out to the East late in the day looking to pull a Rabbit outta the hat and that didn't work either.
Ended the Worst day of the Season with a Doughnut, Nada, Nothing to show for the effort. Haven't had a Scotch in 2 Months but today, the Buy Right was looking pretty good ! Back at it tomorrow to give it hell once again.

No lack of fish as Captain Dan Beat them up last night fishing with the eels.
Capt. Ron

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