Monday, October 21, 2019

All I can say about today is WOW!! Never saw so many boats in all my life.....The life was inc-readable but put down fast with all the traffic. Had a couple shots then went into search mode. Left the area, found gannets working and finally fish that wanted to bite, all by ourselves.

June Benson had the Hot hand in the Bow with 8 fish....Several guys with 2 to 6 fish and a couple of Blues. Joe from Union Beach took the Pool with a very nice 15 pound Striper. Shads and Plain jigs worked best. Loads of bait and the Bass readings were unreal. Water temp was 54 degrees...Perfect for Fall Bass Fishing!

If you are coming for either the Day or Night trip please bring a heavier rod for the eel fishing, with this Moon the current has been super fast and your gonna need a whole bunch of weight when we eel fish, especially at Night.....up to 12 ounces. No noodle rods or 11 foot surf rods PLEASE!

Monday should be a great day with less traffic and less running around.. A chance of showers on Tuesday, but we will be fishing!! Don't wait too long, it won't last forever!

Capt. Ron

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