Monday, October 21, 2019

Changed the game plan today and I was glad we did.....Went searching a new area out of the Bay, pretty dismal reports from those who were out early but we kept on with the plan. Must have caught the change of tide just right cause it was game on right from the start on Jigs!

Nice area of life, good readings and Blues from 3 to 6 pounds. Fished till we had our fill then ran back to the North to look for some Bass. Had Fresh Bunker & clams, waited for the change of tide but the bite never happened on the Stripers.

Doc took the Pool, Amedio (who fished with us yesterday in a gale) and caught squat, John C. & crew also kicked butt today.

Still a Great day on the water and it certainly felt good to get dirty again!! Back at it tomorrow as we finally have some nice weather coming our way.

Night trips with Capt. Dan have been just as tough the first Month here, hopefully, that will change this week once the water clears up and some new life move's into the area.

Capt. Ron

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