Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Well, what can I say. So far, we are down 4 days from the blessed 105 we where so graciously awarded, due to weather. Wanna bet, we are still going to be out of compliance and still catch too many fish, even at 18 inches!!

Now, I have to read how the ASMFC is still calling us "Out of Compliance" because they didn't get their 19 inch fish! Will see what happens come August.

If they have the Balls to shut us down, then I will have the balls to keep on fishing. If only everyone would do the same, we'd have a voice and show some kind of backbone. What are they going to do, lock us all up as criminals, take our boats? Imagine the news getting hold of this, the phone video's as we are lead away in cuffs. Is this what America has come too?

I'd like to see Schumer and Frank Pallone in a cameo still professing how they have our backs while we are hauled off as enviro criminals. How did we come to this?
Anyway, after the worst start to a season in my whole career, tomorrow looks like we should sail. Not the best of conditions but at least you won't get a wet Ass for a change!

Any Fisherman interested in a nice night out with your bride, we are now booking the Famous Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Cruise. Tickets are $50 on a first come first served basis.....give us a call, it's a great night on the water.

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