Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Morning started out pretty crappy with a huge swell and lots of current. Bounced around waiting for the change and some better conditions, slugged away on the Sea bass while waiting patently.  Ocean got nicer as the day went on and the fishing got better......

June Benson, Hazlet N.J. had the head shakes of a lifetime as her 11 pound Nine ounce 31 inch Monster made it's way to the net! She was so nervous and shaking so bad I thought she was gonna pass out!  Awesome fish and our 2nd double digit in 3 days.  Art landed a 8.5 on Friday  and Larry had a 7.7 on Saturday also.

Several guys with 3 in the cooler, some with 2 and a bunch of nice Sea Bass in the mix as well. Back at it tomorrow!

NOTE: Please bring a small cooler with some ice guys and girls. I can not in my right mind give out buckets that turn into swill water and poach your fish by day's end. We cannot mark every Sea Bass, Porgy, Fluke or anything else we catch and keep them in our bait cooler. The crew has enough to do and trying to remember peoples marks when they forget, is just nuts.  You don't need a 150 quart for what we are catching these days, but please, bring something!!


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