Thursday, October 24, 2019

Went back to where we had our 11.9 yesterday and lost a couple nice ones. Picked away at shorts & a couple keepers each drift.....

On the third drift, Ray the Baker, hooks into a beauty.....Rod doubled over, huge head shake on the way up,  I think Ray was shaking more than the fish.....Good thing Joey had some quick reflexes with the net, as the fish took one last turn around and dove, the line to the Buck-tail snapped! Pool Fish at 8 pounds 6 Ounces!  Bob, Rays fishing partner landed a nice fish at 5 lbs. Howard had one 4 plus and a couple other beauties around the boat.

Couple guys with their 3 but it was not easy fishing today, and not what I would call a good bite. The larger Sea Bass didn't bite so well either as we only had a few. Caught 3 Chub August!

Funny, I did have one Customer that wasn't too happy today...after loosing a couple rigs and wondering where the fish were he finally said "There's no fish" in the Rocks.........Better look at yesterdays Report my friend and the few who did catch today. Sorry, it just wasn't "YOUR" day.

NOTE: Please bring a small cooler with some ice guys and girls. I can not in my right mind give out buckets that turn into swill water and poach your fish by day's end. We cannot mark every Sea Bass, Porgy, Fluke or anything else we catch and keep them in our bait cooler. The crew has enough to do and trying to remember peoples marks when they forget, is just nuts.  You don't need a 150 quart for what we are catching these days, but please, bring something!!


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