Monday, October 21, 2019
Please tell me, where in Gods name are the weather-asses getting their data? Is it the offshore buoys? Is someone out there in a freaking kayak measuring the swells?
Three days in a row of 8-10 ft seas being reported. I'll give it that today, we did have a ground heave maybe 3-4ft. but it was still a beautiful day in the Ocean and the fish co-operated once again! Big Porgies, Blow-fish, Small Tog, and some "Kill Me" Toss them back SEA BASS!!!

In my wildest dreams growing up fishing did I ever think it would get to where we are now with the Fishery & the Business......Sad, Very Sad Folks.

Looks like tomorrow they are calling for some North wind...just how much, we shall see in the AM.

Just a note guys: We are "NOT SAILING AT NIGHT", those days are over unfortunately. When you call my machine it says the Night trips have ended, it does mean for good........ Thanks for checking in.
Capt. Ron

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