Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fishing remains good on some very nice sized porgies....

Bring the heavier sinkers though as the current has been very strong when it starts to run, especially, the past couple of days. Up to 12 ounces at times usually for the first 2 hours of the tide!

Weather looks like it may take a turn for the worst on Monday with rain and a strong South wind. I'll post tomorrow if we will be shaping up or not.

Been trying to avoid the pieces that have been holding Sea Bass, no need to catch and release just to prove we can do it! Still, we toss back many every day as they seem to be every where! I'm sure when it opens toward the end of the Month...they will be gone, like always!

Water temp still 68-69 degrees, tons of bait in our bay that isn't ready to leave yet so who knows if and when the Striped bass will show. Some local fish around, just not enough for us to even think about that yet.

Lot's of small Bluefish & Albacore around we see them everyday busting water.

Not wishing this beautiful weather away but we do need some Cold air to get things moving for the Fall Run.

Back at it tomorrow...

Capt. Ron

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