Monday, October 21, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

First two drops this morning only produced tiny Porgies and pin Sea Bass.  Went into search mode and found the bite. Not the hot bite we have had the past 5 days but a nice steady pick on the larger Porgies. It lasted for a while then died just like that so we went back to searching.

Hit several drops with not much life, kept moving. Waited till the change of tide and went into overtime, the bite turned back on and those who fished hard and didn't quit caught them. Ended the day with a nice catch of fish and a huge barrel of racks....

Couple things here.....Take our advise, listen to the crew, change your rigs, if we tell you to come off the bottom a couple of cranks, for Christ sake DO IT!!! If you keep loosing rigs your doing something wrong and not listening.

If I'm running all over the ocean trying to find a bite and a few drops don't produce "DO NOT" yell out Let's go Home! If you want to give up, pack up your rod and go sit in the cabin, then next time find another boat that doesn't give a crap.   If I gave up everyday when it's tough, I'd have NO business. The overtime today made several customers happy.

Save your money on worms! Maybe as a kid when they were cheap and actually were the bait of choice it was the go too bait...

Again with the ICE, $2 for a bag of ice, if you plan on using a Bucket, Please get the Ice. This is the last time I will rant about this, tiered of seeing my guys trying to fillet a fish that has turned to paste......Happy eating on those.  I could go on and on but that's it for now, tomorrows another day.

Capt. Ron

Awesome day, Awesome Customers and another excellent bite on the Porgies!

First drop I read the fish but they weren't ready to chew, made a little shift and still NG. Moved about 1/2 mile to some new bottom and it was game on once again! Big beautiful Porgies with many double headers coming over the rail.

Billy V brought his lady friend Debbie out for her first Party boat experience , up until today she only caught 1 fish in her life. We certainly changed that as they filled the cooler.

One of my Old School striper guys Doug Koepan, who I haven't seen in several years promised he would be down, today he showed, caught a load of Big fish and won the Pool! Welcome back my friend.  Dennis & a few of his friends also had a great day with plenty of meat going home.

Weather looks great all week, the bite is on, don't miss out!!  Fishing the Ocean everyday.

Capt. Ron

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