Monday, May 01, 2017

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

It's that time of year once again....The North Westerly's are blowin and the Bass are biting. Several area's of Bird life this morning working on loads of bait with bass rolling all through it.

Not easy to catch though as those suckers were moving fast. Some drifts we'd catch one or two, some drifts none. This went on all day. Couple Big Blues in the mix also. Everyone aboard went home with 2 for dinner. Pleasure to be out after being tied to the dock since Sunday with all that wind!!

Water temp was 46.5 degrees in the Ocean.    Not sailing Thursday and Friday's weather looks great with a light N-NW breeze and outgoing for most of the morning!  Storm Shads, Tsunami's & Jigs working best right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Capt. Ron

Started the morning off catching 2 Stripers on the incoming tide, it was all down hill from there!

Went into search mode  again looking in several area's, NG. Made our way back late in the day to where we started out and once again, the bite turned on with the change of tide. A couple Birds working one area the, the whole place lite up. Big Blues, just like the Spring when we had them in the bay. Have no idea where they came from after reading Nothing in the AM but thank God something happened!!

Put in lots of overtime so everyone could have some fun and bail the day out.

Not sailing Sunday with a Gail warning, will post tomorrow about Mondays trip.

Capt. Ron

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