Monday, March 18, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

FISHERMEN/Wednesdays Report.

After Sundays fishing then being tied to the dock for the past two days, We were chomping at the bit to get back out there today.
Had the last of the incoming tide and figured it would be a little while before we got the current & for some life to show. Ran back to where I fished on Sunday, looked around found some bait and an odd fish on the fish finder. Made a few drops and nothing. Hit a nice snag and had our first keeper on a jig w/ tail.
Tried to repeat it a couple times but no good. Finally got the current but it didn't help.
Had to make a decision to take a long ride on a report of some life, so that's what we did. When we finally got there the gannets were hitting the water, read the bait and the Fish didn't bite!

Long story short we searched around then headed back with the tail between the legs hoping to find some fish that would eat the eels. Read them, watched a couple trollers catch them and again not a bite. All the wording in this report I probably just should have said "Today, We just caught Crap"! The end. Back at it tomorrow!!

Capt. Ron


When my wife asked me what I wanted for my Birthday today I told her, a good group of customers and a Good bite on the Striped Bass would make me very Happy.

Well, my wish was granted as I couldn't think of any other way to spend my 60th! When things got right and the bite turned on it was awesome. June started the day off with a 31 pound fish, followed by Erick with a 38, Ron with a 36 & 32.6, First time fishermen young man Jack had another beauty at 33.9,  Big Dave & Chris Zotti with 25 pounders and several other  beauties in the mix. Not one fish under 30 inches today.

Pool fish went to Rick Devito with a just under 40 pound Striper at 39.8 pounds.  A mix of eels & jigs both worked. Heavier jigs as the current ran most of the day at 3 knots!!

Weather looking a little crappy for tomorrow but we will be there to go!

Capt. Ron 

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