Sunday, May 19, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Much nicer day today and we didn't get our butts kicked like yesterday!

Took a little while to get the bite going this morning with the lack of current. Once the tide changed we had a nice all day bite on mostly Short fish. Action was steady, and the customers had a ball. Ended the day with a handful of Nice keepers, pool fish at 15 pounds.

Weather looks good for Saturday then, the crap hits the fan on Sunday. Looks like I'll be spending it with Mom. I'll update tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

Rarely in this business are any 3 days alike, today proved that once again.

Monday & Tuesday we caught practically nothing until the change of tide and that bailed us out, especially yesterday with a good bite for over an hour with fish on top and some pretty good readings of Bass in the channel.

Figured it was going to be a LONG morning waiting for that to happen again today so I told the guys on the way out to have patience and not get discouraged. Naturally, I was wrong as we had life right away! Fish boiling on top and some beauties coming over the rail. Jigs with tails worked the best and I had not-one customer fishing top water which no doubt would have caught......Sorry Bob, I forgot you were tossing top water!!

We had a couple shots at them until all the traffic arrived and that was it. Searched around stopping on readings with an odd fish here & there.

Thought for sure with the readings in a couple area's that the afternoon would turn back on so we stayed in the area waiting & waiting & waiting. When we finally got the change and some current, it didn't happen. Like I said no 3 days are alike.

Back at it tomorrow!

Capt. Ron

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