Friday, December 15, 2017

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Been a tough couple of days too say the least. No lack of Bait or fish for that matter, they just haven't been biting very well.

Today we had fish rolling on top most of the day, read the hell out of them and would only catch a couple shorts. Covered many area's and many miles hoping to find the ones that wanted to chew to no avail. Bunkers are still in the Bay and it's almost December!

Looks a little breezy for tomorrow, maybe that will get things going once again! Back at it in the AM...

Capt. Ron

FISHERMEN/Wednesdays Bass Fishing.....

Amazing the lack of Bunker down the beach today. Yesterday we had them from the tip to Monmouth beach, today Nada. Caught a handful of shorts first thing in the morning then spend most of the morning in search mode.
Had to wait till the change and some out going for the bite to turn on. Plenty of Short bass with keepers mixed in, fishing with the Shads & plain jigs.

Couple areas of life once the current got going. Henry had the pool fish at 14 pounds while tossing back close to 25 shorts. George was also hot landing 20 fish and a nice keeper also.

Covered many miles but we still got it done in the end. Not sailing Thanksgiving.

Will be back at it on Friday, guess what's for lunch! Weather looks great right through the weekend....Plenty of good fishing left, don't miss out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Capt. Ron

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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