Monday, March 18, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Huge swell out there today after last nights blow. No bait, just a couple fish for a whole lotta miles traveled. Laid down a bit after the change and was fish-able but only a few small fish were landed.

Not sailing Monday. SE with gusts to 30 & rain, I'll take a pass, especially after today. Will see what happens Tuesday.

Capt. Ron

Very good jig fishing for Striped bass today!

Had action right from the start, all on jigs. Only kept a couple handfuls of keepers as most of the fish were under 24 inches.

My long time friend Mike Martin and the boys made their yearly trip with us today and had a blast. They went home with a couple for dinner and made me feel Old with the pics from years ago of the boys, compared to how these beautiful young men have grown! Life is good.

Bite died in the afternoon once the South East wind kicked in against the tide. Still read plenty of fish but they didn't want to bite. Tried several area's with the same results, by then it was time to go.

Back at it in the AM.  Nasty overnight but it should clear out and be a nice day tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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