Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

After 5 days of pain, today the bite was on!!
Highlight of the day was 9 year old Bobby Root from Scotch Plains landing a fish of a life time at 44 pounds!!!
He also managed 3 others!...Tom "Hammer" Krako is our new big pool leader with a great 31 pounder beating out Bill Fells 29.

Tough morning with a handful of fish, but some searching, a change of tide and landing in the right place at the right time paid off. Pics and Video tell the rest of the story, especially the youngsters who are now hooked.
For the young Mr. Root, you have done what most guys dream of and have not yet accomplished...congrads and don't think it's always like this, (you have been blessed!!
Thank you Sal, pick the restaurant, bring the crew we'll have a blast!!
Yes, it was a holiday for the fish as well!!!

More than tough to say the least. Just a few fish each trip with a whole bunch of miles covered trying to find the bite.
Area's we have been fishing, we didn't even waste our time stopping with all the boat traffic.....Once again, the load of Bunker we had down the beach on Thursday disappeared from Friday on. No jig fish (Blues or Bass), to talk about and no bird life.
Dog fish have also invaded the area, so now we have that to deal with.
Same situation last season after looking at my book and the reports.

I always talk about Patience and it usually works out. So PATIENCE and we will see what happens.
If it doesn't work out, all we have to do is Flip the sign to FLUKE!!
Just a note for the Nay sayers...I myself post religiously GOOD AND BAD, sometimes I may miss a day or two, if I do, it's because of personal reasons and the fact that I do have a life outside of fishing.....If your that concerned, don't blast it on the internet.....Call the boat your interested in, I'm sure you'll get the full report from the Captains you have all come to know and love!

Chartered this coming Saturday 6/4/11
"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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