Sunday, February 25, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Had a pick on the bass most of the day....Keepers and shorts, fishing a handfull of local drops on a good outgoing tide. Weatherman killed everyone today on the customer turnout with the heat reports!! Another thorn in our side as the breeze on the ocean was perfect.
Couple limits, no huge fish with Billy Yurkovics pool winner going 14 pounds, just a good day of Striper fishing for June 23rd!!
The little girl in the video is priceless!!
Chartered Friday and Saturday morning trips, open for the afternoon 3:30pm till 9:30pm trips Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

Spent most of the morning looking for the bite. Had a good outgoing tide but supposedly the bite was alot earlier in the AM.

Tried a couple area's, NG, only a short. Came back up for the change of tide, read some fish and once again, like yesterday, they started to bite.

Several shorts with some very nice keepers including Jim McLean's 23 pounder for the pool.
Couple guys had two, some with one keeper. Hit a drop that was loaded with Black fish, porgies and Big Sea Bass!! Too bad the first two species had to go back!!! Another joke....
All in all a very good fishing day.
Chartered Friday and Saturday morning.

Open the afternoons Fri-Sunday 3:30PM till 9:30PM for Striper's.

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