Monday, October 21, 2019

Had a morning bite on the outgoing tide in a couple of area's that we fished today. Bait and jigging worked just about the same with John Froelich catching his limit before 11am. He also had the pool fish until the next to last drift of the day when Natalie Ann from PA landed her 6 1/2 pounder to take the money!
Starting to read more of the bait I like to see in a couple area's also. Water temp was up to 72 today but the fish were still cold. Tried to fish the ocean but that nasty roll from the past week and a half forced us back into the bay.

Fluke seem to be feeding on small porgies, crab's and anything that swims near the bottom. Haven't seen much in the way of small shrimp or that creel that we normally find this time of year in their bellies.

Weather finally looks like it's going to straighten out after two weeks of hell! Lord knows we can use it!! Fishing on the Jersey Shore...doesn't get any better than this!!
Capt. Ron

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