Saturday, February 23, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Another season in the book, where the hell does the time go? Seems the older you get the faster life starts to pass you by.

We will be heading to our winter home in Staten Island this week and be back at it around the second week of April. Let's hope we have some better bass fishing this Spring.

On behalf of Myself, Joe, Patrick & Joey jr., . Thank you to every one who fished with us, you guys are the best!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a Very Happy New Year to all.

See you in the Spring!

Capt. Ron

Gift certificates are available for the Holidays........Charter information for 2019, please leave your name and number or even an E mail address and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sadly for us, the Fish are biting after a long wait yet not enough customers seem to be interested!

What ever happened to all my Old time "Fishing in the Snot" guys? Now, a hint of Rain, Cold Weather or a breeze keeps people home.

Fishing this weekend for Striped Bass and we will see what next week brings Weather wise. As long as there are fish to catch we will be here to go. Dress warm, put the long johns on and finish out the season with us.

I watched some youtube vids from years ago last night and was amazed at some of the crap we fished in but the fishing was unreal. A couple seasons we fished up to the first week of January, making ice on the deck, guys lines were freezing as they were reeling in but the bite was amazing......How times have changed.

Back at it on Saturday and we will see what happens. I need a Christmas miracle!

Capt. Ron

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