Thursday, October 24, 2019

Despite the unbearable heat of the past week, we managed several good fishing trips for our charters. Two trips were just so-so as the bite was tough along with the current.
Fished a couple new area's and found some very nice life just about every place we went. Bait still seemed to be the hot ticket for the week. Couple guys managed their limit with most having action throughout the day.

Today's fishing was probably the best action of all the trips so far with plenty of shorts and several fish from 2 to the 8 1/2 pound pool fish!!

Capt. Dan has added Croakers to the Night fishing schedule and last night they bite their heads off during all that rain. None of the guys aboard quit fishing and filled up their buckets!! Stripers will take a back burner for a couple weeks as the water temp is up there and the bite has been not so good.

Bunch of pics from the trips this week......
Capt. Ron

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