Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Some nice fish today, especially Ralph's 5 pound pool fish. Finally, as the guy has been busting his butt trying to get this stuff down! Plenty of short action through both tides in several area's. Bait worked better for us once again today.
"PLEASE" bring a medium action rod and some heavier sinkers...I'm begging you! The tangles are ridiculous and can be avoided.

On another note: If you enter the Pool on a Party Boat and the sign on the dock say's "FLUKE" DO NOT EXPECT that a Silver eel, Striped bass, Bluefish or any other edible fish will win the pool.......Do NOT get pissed off and curse out my crew making yourself look like an A Hole in front of your grand child and the rest of the boat. Then, after the guys busting their ass all day with your tangles and taking care of the kid.......STIFF them because you think you were right.
Gotta give Lou,my deckhand a high five for handling the situation with a calm, professional manner. Although he did flip out behind closed doors.!
Love when people try to run my business and tell me how it should be done, buy a boat and join the fun my friend.

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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