Monday, October 21, 2019

Had a couple family groups on-board today despite the weather forecast.
With a roll in the Ocean and lots of current, I never thought we would make the day in the deep. Was I wrong, the kids especially never quit, fishing with 10 ounces and heavy rods they all went on to catch fish. Couple of them had 2 keepers each and a bunch of shorts with action on every drift.

Mike H. lost two big fish on the buck-tails, with all that current and a hard head shake, the fish won and managed to grow just a little bigger today.

Had to make a couple drifts closer to home after the tide change only cause the conditions were horrible!
Big Dave B won yet another pool and once again it was Quality (not quantity) for him!

I would say without a doubt it was a good fishing day with all considered.
Wind going into the West and Clearing for the weekend!!!!! Come on down .

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