Saturday, October 19, 2019

Very good jig fishing today right from the start!! Bird life for miles in several area's. Had a few new comers today, some that have never caught a keeper that ended up with their limits on fish up to 22 pounds.
Scott, Rob and Eddie took command of the bow kicking butt all day.

As for yesterday, I saw a post bashing me on another sight for not sailing yesterday. First off the comment that the Captain and crew were no where to be found is total BS!! I told several people that called the night before we would be shaping up. As of 7:15 am we had 7 customers on the boat, it started to snow, the wind was blowing 30 and the bay was nothing but white water. One of the Charter Captains had called to tell me he had turned around. We shut down the trip.........I don't wake up everyday at 4 AM to play freaking games and many times we are the only boat out there.

I would NEVER just not show up after posting that we were fishing!! Obviously at 7:15 this person was not on the boat in the first place.

Yet all the internet yahoo's who think they know the facts have to flex their muscle's with stupid comments.

Enjoy the Video from today's trip!! I3gKOP9UPTUKA

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