Wednesday, October 23, 2019

East wind the past couple of days had the ocean very rolley, any place we fished beyond the hook didn't produce with the exception of some shorts and an odd keeper.
Cigar Bob, on loan today from the Angler had 3 nice fish along with a dozen shorts, he had to work his butt off to catch that today.Bob had the pool fish at 5 1/2 pounds until the last drift when Paul Mutte landed a very nice 7.3 pounder almost at the whistle!!

Couple more fish from 3 to 5 pounds, just not enough for the area we covered today.

Wind change to the NW should lay down the ocean and give us more area to find some Fluke.
Weekend looks great and we are sailing "Open boat" both days. The Charter I had for tomorrow had to cancel at the last minute.

Capt. Dan will be sailing also, hope the change in the weather brings some action for the night trips.

Capt. Ron

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