Monday, October 21, 2019

Bob Puchalski, Bayonne N.J. started the day off with a very nice 7.2 pound beauty.....Fish did take the daily pool at the end of the day.
Had a good drift but the action certainly didn't match the conditions.

Plenty of shorts most of the day with a keeper here and there. Still no-way I would call this "GOOD FLUKE FISHING"!! I think we have learned to settle for what the day gives us and try to make the best of it.
I'm sure the action will get better, hell it's only June 17th! I normally wouldn't start Fluke fishing until the end of June the past couple of years.

Dave and Kellie Bachovichin had a 5 pounder and a couple other keepers for the hard work they put into it today.
Another 6 pounder in the bow and a couple more keepers around the boat to end the day.

Capt. Dan had an early shot at the Stripers last night. Once the current got ripping and the sun went down, that was it!! Loads of Bunker in the area, hopefully things will turn back on for him on the night trips.

July 1st we will start our Night Porgie, Croaker and Spot fishing. Fun Fishing and excellent eating. Check the web-sight for daily updates.

Capt. Ron

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