Monday, October 21, 2019

Headed back to where we caught fish yesterday. Figured we would get a couple hours in before the current got too strong, only to find a slow outgoing on top and incoming down below. Caught a few fish but didn't have the action I was looking for.
Fished several area's finding shorts and an odd keeper. Never had the drift of the day that would bail us out. The fish we did keep were beauties though, Three fish that went 6.4 6.2 and 6 pounds another 5 and a handful of keepers.

Gregg had the pool fish followed by Tom (Hammer) who missed by 2 ounces.
Had one drift where we had 8 shorts, 7 of which where snagged!! The fish were there, just not chewing today.

Back at it tomorrow..
Capt. Ron

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