Monday, October 21, 2019

I knew today was going to be a slow one with the customers as the third day of the holiday is always tough. It's a shame cause the fishing was very good once again! Missed my Monday Regs for sure.

Vinny Lisa, yesterdays pool winner was back in the AM to do it again. After a Tough morning with shorts, Vin got his A game back in the afternoon, landing yet another pool fish at 6.9 pounds and a couple nice keepers.

John Froelich, Capt. Ron Sr., Bob Krugg and Adam had their limits and then some.
Pool changed hands several times through-out the day from the 5 pound range with Lenny, Adam, Bob and John battling it out. Vin's fish came on the last drift of the day along with another 5 plus for Bob!

Missed you today Tom the Vet...

This week coming is usually a slow week customer wise....Don't wait too long, get them while they are Biting.

Capt. Ron

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