Monday, October 21, 2019

Weather report called for 10-15 out of the West and Sunny. Told the customers that called it was going to be a Great day, come on down!

As we crossed the bay, the Sun never came out and the Wind proceeded to Blow 30!!!  Ocean was nasty as hell with a huge roll coming in from the SE. That, along with the current against the wind made our day a living hell!

Ran every-where we could, getting our brains beat in, trying to find a bite. NO Good. Waited for the change of tide and ran back to the channels hoping it would lay down, it did not.
Never one to throw in the towel but we all surrendered at 1:00pm and came home.  
Worst part is, I told Capt. Sr. what a great day it was going to be! Naturally, I had to hear it all day!!!

Hope to be back at it on Friday and through the weekend.

Capt. Ron

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