Sunday, November 17, 2019
As too be expected, today was the shits! After the weather we've had the past two days, I knew it was going to be a tough one.
Covered the whole bay with just enough customers to get out . Read plenty of fish that didn't want to bite. Caught a couple of Blues. Tried bait, jigs, anchored and drifted. Fished the change of tide in area's we read them when conditions were right but it never happened. I would have been much happier had I not read a thing and said, oh well they are gone but to see the readings I anchored on and not produce a bite really pissed me off!!
Not from lack of effort as we hit every lump and bump with readings from hell...... Two scotch night for sure. Just when I though I was done, it brought me back!!
Thank you, Bob Schaeffer, who personally handed me a check for $100 this morning towards the Save the Summer Flounder fund. Caught me totally off guard. Had a tear in my eye for his generosity and was pissed by the time our conversation was over with all the crap we have to deal with!
Not waving the white flag yet as I think we will still catch some Bass...Hang in there it's only the first of June......Capt. Ron

Capt. Dan is Chartered Friday night.

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