Monday, October 21, 2019

Amazing how things change Day to Day...Yesterday we had the last of the outgoing in the AM, read a load of fish and they didn't bite. Had to wait for the incoming then it was lights out on Bass and Blues. Today, we had the readings, anchored up and started catching right away. Had fish on top and caught them on the bait, with a couple guys using top water...3 very nice Stripers including Big Steve's 18 pounder while the bite was on. Plenty of Big Blues in the mix on Bait.

The change of tide was a huge let down from yesterday as we read fish on several drops but couldn't get them to bite. Finally found some at the end of the day to finish it out on a positive note. Glad we didn't quit as Capt. Dan also had an excellent night last night with 16 plus keeper bass. Rob was high hook landing 6 of those beauties!

Thank you Ray for your generous donation to SSFFF this morning...I still love ya man!!

Back at it tomorrow.....


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