Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Another nice group of customers on board today. Some first timers as well who had a great day on the water with us.
Slugged away all day with a lull around the change of tide. Wind changed direction 9 times through-out the day, really screwing with my drift!!

Scott took the pool with a nice 4 pound fish. High hook had 3 keepers, no limits, but Sr. put on a clinic when they started to bite.

Just a note: Our Fare is $65, it's on my Websight....Please don't come down here and think your gonna hustle me on my fare. When you ask "What's the Real Price" Now you pissed me off. My Regs Never, Ever, ask for Special treatment so why should I discount a stranger?
I bust my ass everyday, go where I gotta go, do what I have to do for my customers....There are plenty of Walmart Boats around, so shop around if your looking for a discount, your sure to find some. Check Groupon also there's usually Super Special deals there.

Chartered Saturday Morning......

Capt. Ron

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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