Thursday, October 17, 2019

Finally had good conditions for a drift today only the "KEEPERS" didn't know it! Slugged away at the shorts with some nice fish going in the cooler. Tried the Ocean once again, three area's and that was a bust. Capt. Ron Sr. worked his butt off bait fishing to land 4 nice fish. Andy Seney had 3 also.
Great to see the Monday Regs coming back including, Robert and Vincent, Andy, Al, Fred, Ishmil, Richie, Jimmy, Tom and the rest of the crew!
The jiggers didn't fair so well today as the bait had the edge.
Some Big fish being caught here and there and we will certainly get our shot at them, patience.
Too call this "GOOD FLUKING"is Bullshit. The fishing is good or great everyday, the catching and keeping...Well......
The best of the fishing started from Mid-July last year, let's hope that happens again this year.

Capt. Ron

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