Thursday, January 23, 2020

Yesterday Jake from PA, Bumped Rich M from the Big Pool with a very nice 8.2 pound Fluke. Jake's rein didn't last long as Mike Rodriguez took over with an 8.7 pound beauty! Mike's Lady, Leslie landed a 7.3 followed by Iris Goliger who had another 7, Bill Harwook with a 6.5 and Adam with a nice 5 pounder in the cooler.
Leslie, Mike, Adam and Gugee fishing in the bow all had 3 keepers. Short action just about every where we went. We did have a lull around the change of tide so we tried a couple new area's, unfortunately, the conditions didn't warrant Staying there....Many customers had none, some had one and many just had shorts.

Sailing in the AM for Fluke, going to the Fireworks in the PM. (Not sailing tomorrow night).

Capt. Ron

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