Thursday, November 14, 2019

Yes, the fishing is "ALWAYS" good in this business. Any day, any conditions, just to be out on the water is your personal day to get away from it all, yet, the "catching" happens to stink right now.

I don't care how anyone sugar coats it and we all try to make the best of a bad situation to stay in business, but this is the worst Fluke fishing I have seen in 36 years of running a boat.

Yes, we do have our moments and catch some very nice Fluke, we do have days where the action is good, but to cover the miles I have the past month, always searching for that great bite, it's not happening. My customers expect the truth no matter how good or bad, that's what they get, that's why they come back.

Never had to work so hard in my life to try and find a bite, everyday is a new adventure. Conditions seem to always be wind against with no drift. When we fish the current, the slide is a killer....Gonna get a tattoo on my chest that says "Perseverance", it's what I live by, keeps me going......

Tried to fish the Ocean this morning, with the wind against in the bay once again, I just couldn't start the day like that. Still a big heave out there and we only caught a few small Fluke and short Sea Bass. Ran to the back bay, caught the change of tide had a shot of nice fish and thought the bite was on. No such luck, it died as fast as it started. Fished several area's, even with a good drift, it didn't happen for us.........Tom Krako took today's pool with a nice keeper at 4 pounds.

Tomorrow looks like a much needed day off with the weather predicted.

Chartered Friday AM and PM and Sunday Morning this week.

Capt. Ron

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