Monday, October 21, 2019

Thought for sure, the water would be like Chocolate milk with the run-off today, after yesterdays rain, but it wasn't.
Actually, had very good drift conditions for a change, Wind with the Tide!
First area produced 1 keeper and a couple shorts. After three drifts and good conditions, I decided to look else-where. Finally found a line of fish I could work and we beat it to death!
Some very nice keepers including Jessie's 7 plus pound pool fish and another 3 pound fish in his cooler. Jessie making Grandpa Jim Very Proud!

Action was good most of the day on shorts and the keepers were certainly keepers that didn't have to be measured. Never quit Eddie had a Beauty at 6 plus pounds, Couple 4 and 5 pound fish in which Frannie happened to land. Good action considering what the hell we have been going through the past week.

A Big Thank You Too: Capt. Kevin Bradshaw and His Dorothy B, Atlantic Highlands for stepping up with a great donation to the SSFFF......Remember guys, please support the Boats that support the cause. It's about all of us...... Now, if only the message would get through to the rest.
Not going to beg Men but our future depends on it, trust me.
Looking forward to all the support from those who still give a crap.....
Capt. Ron

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