Saturday, October 19, 2019
First off, today's fishing was a pick on shorts and keepers. Couple nice fish for our Charter, Mike Vandonbergh and Park Ave Acura. Many first timers in the Group who were happy to catch a fish or two, and the guy who took home $285 that never fished before.....I'm sure he loves it now!

Now the Bad stuff... I gotta say, I'm pretty amazed, that after reading Dave Daily's post on the Fund raising event for the SSFFF this Friday, that we can't find 50 guys who can support this event....Private boat owners are welcome, maybe you can keep the boat at the dock for a day and jump on board. Were fighting for you and everyone else here. Seems it's always the same 25-30 guys who believe and support anything that has to do with fishing.
Thanks to the same Charter Boats and Tackle shops that always come through...even though their year has been crap also, they still manage to help!
I don't see one Gift Certificate or donation from the Boats in Atlantic Highlands, nothing? Fluke is our life here guys. The Dorothy B and Captain Kevin Bradshaw wrote a check for $500, at 70 years old Captain Bradshaw is pissed enough to still want to fight the battle!
With all things we know and love being slowly taken away, to not see thousands of people screaming and yelling about the BS being shoved down our throats, blows me away....
We will have our event, we will make a few bucks, in the end I gotta ask Myself.....Why are "WE" doing this if not many give a crap?

Thank you to all those great customers (mine and several others) who believe and have donated way beyond what I could imagine, you guys are the Salt of the Earth and have earned a Special place in my Heart. I'll never forget......
Capt. Ron

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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