Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fishing all the area's where life should be this time of year. Channels, Snags, Wrecks, Hard Bottom, Holes, Humps and Bumps. In the end, Conditions dictate how the day will go. When it's a constant Wind against the tide with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 days a Month you tend to start reevaluating why you chose this profession! After 37 seasons I have NO answers, it's just a tough year.
If we had 16 inch fish like Delaware I wouldn't even be typing this report, I'd be a hero, customers would be happy and we would have to build a bigger boat. Unfortunately, that will never happen in my lifetime.
Caught some nice fish for the effort as we were looking for Quality today....All keepers didn't have to be measured. High hook had 3, couple guys had two in the cooler but they new it wouldn't be Hot action as we were looking for the bigger fish.
Guys worked their Butts off even with wind against and no drift in several area's most of the day. When the tide finally changed, the wind came hard South, Drift went to over 2 knots and I had to just shake my head. Finally raised the White flag and surrendered to the cheers of the people!!!
Back at it tomorrow to give it Hell once again......

Capt. Ron

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