Monday, October 14, 2019

Hard to imagine how many times the conditions have been against this season. Today was no different as the light NW was just enough to stop us against the tide. Went into power drift mode and starting working the snags. lost some tackle but it was worth it.

Dave Blendowski lead the way with his limit on fish up to 5 pounds. Kelly fishing in the bow landed 4 Beauties up to 4 pounds. Cory Put a 6.2, 6 and a 5.4 in the box! Doc had 2 nice fish as well as John and several others.
Tom the Vet took the pool with a very nice 7.2 pounder followed by a 6.1 and another at 5.4 pounds.
Caught the change of tide and actually had a change of tide bite finishing out the day with a few more keepers and some shorts for the action.

Will see how hard it Blows in the AM....if it's 20 or better, we won't go, not going to waste my time or yours fishing in the bay!!! If the trees are bent over when you get up in the AM, Stay Home......
Capt. Ron

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