Monday, October 21, 2019

Morning started out in search mode once again...hit a couple places where we had fish yesterday, but not good today.Didn't stay in one place too long as we didn't have the bites...The third shot was the charm as we found a couple nice area's of Fish that we could work.

Several Great fish today including the Pool fish caught by Jeff Wanamaker at 8.3 pounds, he also had three others and plenty of shorts! Tom the Vet had a great fish at 7.4 followed by Eric Goodmen with a 7 pounder.

Couple Five pound fish in the mix with Allen at 5.8, John Reilly with a 5.6 Capt. Ron Sr. with a 5.2. Couple guys had 3 nice keepers with lots of short action. The tide change hurt the bite as the drift got to 1.6 knots but we still slugged away right till the end!

It's that time of year guys, I say it all the time, we are fishing deeper water, you need the weight, Noodle rods won't make. Medium to heavy action with 10-12 ounces of lead.

Shaping up in the AM....NW 5-10 becoming SE 5-10, sounds good to me!!! Won't last long and the Big pool is still up for Grabs! 8.7 leads it, yet, we have had 3 fish over ten pounds and 4 fish over 9 so far who weren't in it.

Capt. Ron

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