Sunday, February 25, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Had plenty of life in the AM with fish on top, loads of bait for several miles. Tough to catch them though as we drifted at 3.5 knots with the wind & Tide together! We slugged away most of the day on smaller fish and a couple Big blues,  all on jigs as the shads couldn't make it to the bottom.  Bite did get better toward the end of the day when the current finally went slack.

Couple fish & the Pool fish were in the teens with the Big Babies taking a break today. Back at it tomorrow (Saturday).

Sailing Everyday Open Boat. 7:30am......

Capt. Ron

Not the wild bite of the past couple of days but we still got it done!

Started the morning out where we have been fishing for several days, had some bird life & fish but they were all small. Didn't read the life I expected so we wasted no time and went into search mode.  Found some life and had several drifts with Bigger fish and action. Traffic didn't help as the fish were spooky. Worked the readings while it lasted then ended the day closer to home. End of the tide was the end of the bite once again.

Pool Fish today was 26 pounds second largest went to Capt. Ron Sr. with a beauty at 25 pounds. Nice day on the Ocean and the wind didn't kick in till the day was over.

Back at it tomorrow.....W to NW shouldn't be a problem where we are fishing.

Capt. Ron

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