Monday, March 18, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Had a much better bite today compared to yesterday. All day action in several area's on Bonus fish, Small bass & Some nice keepers.

Current ran hard in the AM so it was tough to stay on the fish. Once we got under 2 knots on the drift the bite got hot!

Henry lead the way again with multiple fish up in the bow. He also took today's pool for the 2nd time in his last 3 trips. Jigs with tails were the ticket once again on a slow retrieve and the plain jigs did well also.

Little breezy for tomorrow but it should be fine with a West wind & outgoing current most of the day. Thursday we will not be sailing. Weather is going to be crappy.

Back at it on Friday with all those Turkey Sandwiches!!!

Capt. Ron

FISHERMEN/Mondays Bass fishing Report.....

Bounced around one area all morning slugging away on Shorts, Bonus fish & some legit keepers. Some drifts were better than others with the action. Current ran hard most of the morning so we were out of the fish pretty quick. Plain jigs & Jigs with tails worked the best again.
No where near the amount of bait that was around yesterday out there today, especially between the channels.

Nice to see some of the Ole Monday regs back out today......Doc, Anchor Joe, Richie & Dave!!

Ended the day with 10 nice keepers and some bonus fish. Back at it tomorrow.


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