Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Made our way into the Ocean once again, had a little East wind blowing but it wasn't too bad. Got set up and started catching fish right away, mostly keepers. Made two drifts then someone threw the switch!!

Current started to run hard up the beach across the wind, breeze picked up and it got rolley as hell. Tried a shot offshore but by that time we couldn't hold with 10 ounces. Got the Hell out of dodge and ran back to the North.

Found some more life and slugged away on the shorts and some more keepers. Wendy (joey's) mom landed three nice keepers. Couple guys had two, one and some with none. Pool Fish made just over 5 pounds.  Ended up with 19 keepers despite the nasty day. Hated to leave the Ocean but conditions just weren't with us today.


Capt. Ron

First three drops this morning we had 0 drift, nada!

Took a little ride and went into power drifting mode. Glad we did as we had a very nice bite on Shorts & Keepers. Couple guys ended up with 2 nice fish, some with one and a bunch with a whole lot of shorts. Pool fish went 6.9 pounds and a couple others between 3-4 pounds.

Tried fishing back off were we had the big fish on Friday later in the day but still had a very slow drift. Sea bass didn't bite well today either.

Sounds like a little East breeze tomorrow, so we should have a better conditions to fish. Fishing the Ocean, bring extra rigs!



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