Monday, May 01, 2017

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Beautiful day on the water with many customers on board with the same anticipation of catching Striped Bass as me.

Unfortunately, the Bass didn't get the memo! Covered many miles and several area's, fished in a mile of Bunkers, shallow water, deep water, holes, you name it I was there. Came back to the hard outgoing which has bailed me out a few times and caught just a couple Blues. Not a Happy Captain, especially with the weekend upon us.

Capt. Ron

Gannets were there, Bait was there with some fish mixed in to start the day, just not much action. Had a couple bass on the first few drifts fishing with the Shads. We did manage a Very nice 25 pound fish for the pool but it was all down-hill from there. Worked several area's on readings were the action had been good all week. Waited for that change of tide that Yesterday bailed us out with fantastic fishing to only be disappointed and not much life.

Caught a few Big Blues and a handful of Bass after many miles of searching but yesterday wasn't today! Go figure...Sorry guy's but I gave it hell trying to get it done for you. Be back at it tomorrow always looking to get it done!

PS: If you feel you have to bring Alcohol to have a Good time, please find another Boat! Myself or Capt. Dan, will NOT tolerate any Alcohol aboard, I post it, I enforce it! Bars are for drinking, not on my boat. If you are an Ass and make a scene you can be prosecuted under Federal Law, The Coast Guard doesn't play that game. Think about that before you threaten the Captain and Crew, especially when we have your phone messages!

Capt. Ron

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