Monday, October 21, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Ocean Porgy fishing doesn't get any better than what we have had the past 4 days!

Big beautiful fish, double headers and we even had Joe the plumber land a couple triples today. I do not recommend or encourage three hooks, today he got a pass.  The Buckets & coolers were filling up fast as the bite got better as the current started to run.

Pastor Rodney landed the big one at just under 3 pounds to take the  daily pool while Alisha & The Rev also helped fill the buckets.

Sea Bass again today, made me sick tossing back some of those beauties. You know by Oct. 8th when we can keep them, they will probably be 30 miles offshore!! BS

When my crew are still filleting fish at 3:30 in the afternoon, you know it's been an awesome day!

Joey Jr. brought some smoked Porgy to the boat that his dad did up yesterday and they were absolutely excellent!!  Porgy Franchisee, Fried with dipping sauce, Grilled, fish cakes, Whole roasted, any way you can imagine these babies are awesome.

Pick up some ice to keep them fresh and Please do not let them boil in a bucket of water!!

Weather looks great all week, don't miss out as we are the Only 3/4 day boat in Atlantic Highlands..

Capt. Ron

Another Very good day on the Porgy grounds with an all day bite. Jumbo Porgies right now, some of the largest I have ever seen in our area.

Nice to have action from start to finish and only have to hit one drop.

Hope the Sea Bass we are tossing back every day stick around for awhile, this couple week closer is BS.  Fishing everyday open boat, weather looks great come on down and get some. Fishing the Ocean.

Capt. Ron

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