Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Wanted to catch the last of the outgoing bait fishing today.
Came back on the Anchor and Joe had one on immediately, a nice keeper. Next fish was hooked up by June, fish almost spooled her. After a 15 minute battle the hook pulled. Did get to see it and figured it to be between 30 and 35 pounds!!
Be looking for that one in the AM.
After the change of tide we switched up to the jigs, picking and plucking here and there. Wind came on hard again making conditions horrible for the 4th day in a row.
Still managed a catch of fish on Bass and Blues.....
Check out the little guy in the video catching his First and second Striper's all by himself...pricless!!
Amazing how a little change in the weather can get things going.
After yesterdays disaster with only a couple fish (bluefish).
This morning had plenty of life. Birds working, Bass busting and a bite that produced fish up to 30 pounds!!!

Didn't think yesterdays post telling all, pics and video to follow would happen so quickly, but here it is...
Good action with horrible conditions, incoming tide and a NW wind. Didn't matter as the boat could still produce a drift and cover some ground.
Bigger fish hit the Crocks as we had the first shot of Herring to our area.

86 year old Pete, (A long time customer and fellow cigar smoker), fished the bow all day landing 3 keepers and a couple blues, while subjecting his body to one hell of a punishment.
Doc and Scott had their limits along with a couple other customers.
Vid and pics tell the rest of the story....

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