Monday, October 21, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Didn't make it out today with all the NE in the forecast, tomorrow looks the same so our Fluke season has come to an end.

I have a Charter on Friday then we will begin Porgy fishing on Saturday. Fishing everyday 3/4 day, 7:30am till 2:30pm...

Congratulations to my monthly fluke pool winners this season, Mike, Bill & Big Dave. Thanks to all who never gave up and continued to believe!! Striped bass hopefully soon...

Capt. Ron

Amazing all the changes I have seen in my career over the years....

Here we are in September, the Fluke should be in Ambrose Channel biting like Porgies as they make their way offshore, yet to this day I have not caught a keeper in the channel, the small fish that were prevalent and provided action are non-excitant. If you are not fishing some Rocks, a wreck, mussels or small snags, you don't stand a chance at catching anything.

Yesterday, I fished every area I have covered this season in ONE DAY!!! When I didn't see the short bite, I left to hit the next spot only to move on and on.  Lack of current and drift didn't help but that's just another excuse.

Today we fished the current in the AM and it didn't make a dam difference. Ended up fishing offshore slugging away at the shorts, the Sea Bass and finally by days end a handful of keeper fluke.

Gonna give it Hell the next couple of days then we are Booked on Friday (not available)....Saturday we will begin Porgy fishing and continue bottom fishing until (Pray to God), some Striped Bass show up!

I hope the folks at NMFS are proud of themselves for totally destroying what was once an awesome business, an awesome life and a future for anyone who ever thought of doing this......God Bless America.

Capt. Ron

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