Sunday, May 19, 2019

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Just caught the change of tide on the first drop this morning, nothing could have been better than to start it off with my Dad, Capt. Ron Sr. Hooking & landing the first fish of the 2019 season, he also put on his usual clinic landing 7 more through out the day!!! First shot produced 6 nice fish and had my adrenaline pumping....

Most drifts produced all day bouncing around working the readings and bird life when it was active. Several customers had multiple fish including my one Rod rental guy who had the hot hand landing 7 nice fish also.

Largest fish of the day and Pool fish went to Mike Gifford, Shark River Hills with a 44 inch, 30 pound beauty. Several other fish made the high 20's but we also had several that were shorts. All were caught on large 9 inch shads.

Will see what happens in the AM, Sunday we are not sailing. Our daily schedule will resume on Monday....7:30am till 2:30 pm. Open Boat, No reservations. Fare is $70.

Hope to see you all soon.

Capt. Ron

We are Home and will begin Fishing on Friday April 19th for Striped Bass. Coming home from the Ship yard today I read loads of fish, unfortunately, they were in NY waters and until Monday the 15th, illegal to catch. I so wanted to stop and just have some fun but I didn't want to be "That Guy"!

The fare this season is $70 for Adults, $65 for Seniors 65 & Older and still $35 for kids under 12.  I've kept the rate down the past couple of years and have seriously tried again this season but you all know it gets to the point where it has to increase to stay afloat.

Sounds like the normal Spring run so far with hit & miss fishing. The third week of April has always been our lucky charm.....hope we hit it right!

I'd also like to Welcome young Joey Gorski jr to the Fishermen this season. Joey as most of you know worked on the Angler for a couple of years. He is a very good deck hand, loves the job and is looking forward to working with our customers.  Joey Pasulli is also chomping at the bit to get going and has been working with me this winter getting the boat ready. Great Boat, Awesome Crew doesn't get any better than this...Looking forward to an awesome 2019 season!!!

Capt. Ron

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