Sunday, September 23, 2018

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Today was a day for the jiggers, lack of a drift for most of the morning so we fished little snags and rocky bottom.

John Froelich was back today along with Scott Ure who both yesterday had over 30 fish each and their three nice keepers and then some. Today was pretty much the same for them with John landing 5 beauties and Scott with 4.  Gary "all day Long" was back also landing his 3 including the Pool fish at 7.9 pounds and another large fish at 6.4 pounds.

Several fish from 4 to 6 pounds and a few more customers with their 3 by days end. Worst part of the whole day was the Flies! Everyone up and down the coast was complaining about them, seems this time of year we get swamped with those dam things!

Some East wind in the AM supposed to diminish by early morning, with incoming current till 11am we should be fine......Bring the lead though!! See you in the AM.


Probably the most miserable day of the season. Hot with NO Breeze and Fly's from Hell biting!

Slugged away with plenty of short action. John, Scott & Dave jigging, had over 30 fish plus their keepers by days end. Scott landed 4 nice fish including a 6 pounder.

John Froelich took the pool with his first fish of the day at 6.9 pounds. Second fish went 5 pounds. (No pic of the Pool fish) as John is suddenly camera shy! Couple guys had two keepers by days end and they earned every one of them today!

As I said yesterday, bring lot's of water, for tomorrow also. Had a couple folks get taken by the heat today, you have to stay hydrated. Yet, some of the Old school guys just shrug that thought off....Back at it tomorrow.


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